Make Healthy Exciting Indian Recipes at Home

Enjoy Shopping for Indian and Pakistani Groceries form the comfort of your home!  The benefits of Indian Lentils and Spices are known throughout the world. With the rapid growth of Indian and Asian population in EU, even more Europeans are constantly switching to the vegetarian/Indian meal options.   

With over 100 spices and 50 lentils you can make any dish your heart desires by following some simple and quick recipes. Some must try recipes include Paneer Makhani, Butter Chicken, Dal Tarka, Dosa, Saag Aloo and Dhoklas! All these recipes provide full comprehensive nutrition to all age groups.   

Along with Spices and Lentils - Rice is also a staple food of more than 2 billion people worldwide. Rice provides many benefits and is very easy to make. There are over 100 different varieties of Rice and over a 1000 recipes, you can eat rice for breakfast, dinner or dessert.   All of these great products are available at and at our physcial shop at Tempelhofer Damm 206, 12099 Berlin. 

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