The Growth of Indian Food Market in EU

The Ethnic grocery business in Germany and Europe is on the rise and  is about 100m in sales as of 2017. Virtually every Indian and Pakistani household shops for groceries both physically and increasingly online and over 90% of households shop for Indian and Pakistani groceries once a week or more. Many products are now regularly bought online that were thought to be impossible to be converted to online shopping. Yet online grocery sales continue to be a small fraction of the industry. This is where Spice Village, an International Supermarket focusing on Indian/Pakistani/Afghani and African  products steps in. With their wide reach and benefit of having a 300 sq. mt. shop Spice Village is looking to close the gap between online sale and shop sale.

Spice Village store located at Tempelhofer Damm 206 12099 Berlin and online at provides an excellent location for Indian/Pakistani and Afghanistan groceries online in Berlin, Germany and throughout Europe.

Shopping from home for your Indian / Pakistani and Afghanistani  grocery store items online is a great way to deal with this necessary chore: it's convenient, it's a time saver, and many times it's possible to take advantage of sales online that shoppers would not be able to otherwise. In addition, many products that aren't necessarily found easily in stores can be found online; sometimes for a much cheaper price.

Spice village also offers free shipping of all Indian/ Pakistani Afghanistani products throughout Berlin, Germany and soon in Europe. A minimum order of your Indian spices lentils and groceries of just 30 euros is enough to trigger your free shipment.

Spice village has the best option of Indian lentils, Indian Spices, Indian snacks, Teas and many more items.

Spice village also has a wide selection of the best selling Pakstani spices and lentils and offers free home delivery in Berlin and Germany for orders over 30 euros

Spice Village Berlin also offers unique discount and promotions on its Indian Pakistani spices lentils and groceries to its customers based in Berlin Germany and Europe.

Check them out on www.spice . The one stop shop for all things Indian and Pakistani when it comes to lentils spices and groceries.

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